Thursday, May 30, 2013

…....There's an old spinning wheel in the parlor...spinning dreams of a long long time ago........

                Everything I've ever entire life...can be summed up into one word.


Now, when I say noise, don’t mistake it for the burning rubber and blaring sirens of a 3a.m. variety. I don’t mean the noise of a passing train or of an older woman, originally from Kiev, trying to hustle her grand kids toys and handmade scarves on the busiest street on Brighton. Not the coffee shop or store front noise, or of children wailing either.

                                                   None of that good stuff.

As children, loud noises scare us because we don’t understand them; where it comes from, what causes them or why they even come about. As we age, we learn to understand the noise, where it comes from and even learn to create our own noise. We do so up to the point where the noise we experience and the noise in our environment become a part of who we are.

                       Therefore, it is safe to presume that our fear as adults would be to understand.....

                                                 The LACK...of...........noise.

To be surrounded by our own silent thoughts echoing in the confines of our mind is the new noise we fear.

                         We are only left to understand ourselves, or, the lack of external noise.

In statistics, noise is considered to be an unexpected variation in data which cannot be replicated. Its significance in research is important solely for this purpose; our human experience is subjective, and furthermore, it is numeric proof that we are all unique.

So when you hear the blaring sirens, or walk down the bustling streets.....
to more important things like:
    breaking boundaries
           transforming yourself
                 trying something new
                     climbing the highest heights
                 falling in love
          falling out of love
    losing loved ones
and regaining a sense of faith............

Realize that the world around you, the noise in your environment,
Its all secondary.

Its what you learn and its what you experience that is most important.
                             .......Embrace the noise..........

Embrace an ever changing you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

What is an Idea?

What is an idea? Well the technical definition is "any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding,awareness or activity." for some reason, this definition doesnt satisfy me at all. See, Im a lover of words so its an interesting thing to define such a human personal event, which varies with each individual. Well how does an idea come about? Obviously from preexisting knowledge.To create a car we must first create a wheel; Ipads would not exist, had the calculator not been thought up first. So our ideas(not excluding personal opinions) must come from older learnt habits and ideas.

Why are some ideas considered radical and controversial? Dont be quick to point a finger at religion. Yes, religion has played a huge role in our world, influencing lawmakers, politicians and buisness men,playing a huge role in the socio-economic infrastructure in almost all societies. So, why is it so hard to accept an idea, or even, to convieve one? It might be that it conflicts so greatly with our peers and/or religious leaders. We fear being ostracized so we limit our ideas to what is appropriate and permitted. Often times, exressing ones beliefs in a hostile environment can put their lives and the lives of their loved ones in jeopardy. Another reasons why we are discouraged from thinking and meditating on our thoughts is because,simply put, humans naturally want to be comfortable regardless of the fact that change only helps us progress and dominate as a species. But bottom line, we like comfort, and often times thinking TOO MUCH is not someting we find comfortable and relaxing.

I will venture again on the question "what is an idea". In my opinion its a formation process,where, all of what we learned in our lives combines with what we concieve as the outcome in order to create a new perception, a new way of thinking and seeing what is in front of us in a different light. Ideas are as fragile as a babies skin, as graceful as the fastidious movement of the swan and almost as important to our existences' as the next breath we take.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

We graduated with a bright future ahead.... turns out...

Three years later, 3 students died by different means. How they died doesnt matter to the point Im trying to make. What matters is, they died before their time and many people regret not spending time with them as much as they should. After you look around after the caps start flying towards the sky. What do you see? Smiles, tears, happy parents, friends hugging etc. After this we see nothing but bright futures and we expect to see these same people again someday whether its tommorow, a few years later or after ten years at our class reunion. None of us expect to see these people die or get seriously injured. You should make sure to keep in touch with these people or at least keep the memories of the times you spent together in the back of your mind until you meet again. If anything this should teach us to stay in touch with all our friends and not just friends but family because you never know if the last time you see them will be the last.

RIP yelena Bulchencko, Carl Fuscetto and Ilya Epelman

Monday, May 17, 2010

In Vitro Meat

So, PETA is offering a "reward" to the first person,or group, to create in vitro meat.
What this means is, is that people can eat meat, nix the cruelty. Animals wont have to be slaughtered. But technologically speaking, are we advanced enough to create our own meat, from an animal stem grown in a controlled environment? Its hard to say, but If imagination inspired us to create things like TV, tape recorders(which were pretty cool in their day) and things closer to our eon like ipods,IPADS, and ebook readers, then why not put our minds to the test and create generic meat. Sure, What humans know about the human/animal body is still mediocre, but our knowledge is growing at an enormous rate. My only issue is that Peta is offering such a measly award for such an awesome idea which can potentially change the way people consume meat.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Beach of Nothingness

Today is a new day
The minute I wake
Im forced to face
The responsibilities of today
Because I don't think I put yesterday to good use
I'm worried tomorrow will suffer from today's mistakes
I just want to stay in bed a little longer
To close my eyes to the world
And go back to the Beach of Nothingness
I want to be surrounded by nothing but the sun, the ocean and sand
The chaos which surrounds me in the real world
is a work of fiction there
Its the farthest limit, the deepest depth of my soul
I can be alone there,
listening to the waves break at the shore
Or lay on the sand and look
at the cloudless sky
wondering when I'll want them to float by
I have to do the best i can do today
So I can better enjoy the beach Tonight
(ad perpetuam rei memoriam)
for the perpetual remembrance of the thing